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Kaziranga National Park

Amidst the concrete world, Kaziranga National Park is the hue of colourful canvas with eventual harmony. Kaziranga tour is all about the jaunt of a lush green realm with heavenly natural and scenic beauty where animals reside fearlessly in the absolutely natural environment. It is one of few prides of India that is acknowledged worldwide for its amazing wild life, scenic water bodies, and array of natural vegetations. For those who haven’t seen nature’s harmony, Kaziranga National Park is the destination that must be explored. Kaziranga got its name after a woman Karbi who was its ruler once. This celebrated national park of India is one of the five Heritage sites of India known for its splendid wildlife. It is nestled in Assam in the North East of the country. Golaghat and Nagoan district have the pride of being associated with the National Park as it is partly situated in Golaghat district and party in Nagoan district. It was founded in 1905 and was declared National Park after 68 years later. It was named as a forest reserve in 1908 and procured the status of wildlife sanctuary in the year of 1950. Spread on an approximate 430 square kilometres of area, Kaziranga National Park was included in the list of best World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its matchless natural environment in the year of 1985. It is also recognised as significant bird area by Birdlife International Society because being domicile to numerous migrating and inhabitant aerial species. In addition to providing home to endangered species, one –horned rhinos, It is also home to Bengal tigers and was named as tiger reserves in 2006. It holds highest density of Rhinos and Tigers almost 50% of total population on whole globe.

The Kaziranga National Park is also abode for hefty Elephants, Swamop deer and wild buffaloes of water. Wildlife needs water and this need of inhabitants of wildlife of Kaziranga National Park is accomplished by river Brahmaputra. The renowned wildlife sanctuary has mainly four types of vegetation which mainly involves deciduous forests, tropical semi-evergreen forests. Out of the total area of sanctuary, 29% of land is open jungle, 41% has the tall grasses, 11% of the land has short grasses and rivers and water bodies’ covers remaining part of the land. The combination of rare wildlife, diverse flora and diverse fauna and exhilarating water bodies makes it an ideal destination for tourists due to its hard to find specialism.

Attractions of Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is the leading tourist attraction of India where every year thousands of tourists from around the world fly in to experience the amazing and rare wild life of the park. Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is the blend of just perfect geography flourished with a river to support the life of nature and wild animals. Covered entirely with the forest, Kaziranga offers thrilling experience to the holiday-maker. The attraction of Kaziranga is not mere spotting Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinoceros but it actually lies in getting the glimpse of Asiatic Elephants, water Buffaloes and Swamp dear. It is also said to be abode to amazing birds and is called as a significant bird area by Birdlife International. Jeep safari and elephant safari are the two adventures as well as attractions for the travellers enriching their life with an experience of lifetime. Tourists’ to the park needs to book for the two in advance. However the other attractions around the park are as follows- The tea gardens – leading attraction | Gohpur- historic place | Panbari reserve forest-National park | Kakochang waterfall- water fall Deoparbat Ruins- historic place | Basudev Doul- historic place | Kalyani Mandir – Temple | Mahaabdev Than –historic place Bapuchang – religious place | Maghnao Doul- religios place | Deotola- Religious place | Petua-Gosani Thaan-place of worship Radha Pukhuri Thaan- Historic place | Bhatoukuchi -historic place | Akadohia Pukhuri- pond | Ahotguri- religious place

More About Indian Rhino Found in Kaziranga National Park

Tigers and Rhinos are incredible creatures known for strength and fearlessness. Are you planning to have closure view of both in a single trip? If yes, then Rhino and Tiger tour is the specially fabricated tour for tourists looking to experience breathtaking moments with tiger and rhino. Kaziranga National Park is one of the major wildlife tourist's attractions in India. Thousands of travelers from different part of the country and world come here every year to unlock the doors of diverse wildlife and scout the exquisiteness of the natural empire. The perfect topography with a river and its varied grasslands winds through its entire length, Kaziranga TIger Reserve promises an adventure that you will never forget. The tourism of Kaziranga is not just about spotting one of the many one-horned rhinoceros or tigers but also to watch the three giant herbivores that reside in the park called – The Asiatic Elephant, The Swamp Deer and the Asiatic Water Buffaloes. The park has also been demarcated as an important bird area by the Birdlife International in order to promote the conservation of endangered species.



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India is one of the best places to experience the wildlife because it is a home to unmatched variety of flora and fauna. To preserve these forests and wildlife the concept of national parks and sanctuaries were brought long years back. Indian government has been playing an important role in nature conservation. Now the responsibility becomes higher for the common man to understand the exact meaning of wildlife and to contribute towards wise conservation. We think Jeep / Elephant safari would be the only feasible option to explore the unexplored trails and unspoiled natural horizons of forests or deserts. One such safari is termed as Jungle Safari. Some wildlife lover defines it in a different way; they call it as forest trail, nature walk or trekking. Jungle safari discover the new love for wildlife as this option take you to the deep of national parks, sanctuaries and protected areas. In nutshell jungle safari is the best possible ways to say Hello to Mother Nature All the tourism circuits have its own charm with the distinguished wildlife and landscape beauty. The four circuits and their entry point for the Jeep Safari are followings-

Safari Zones

Kaziranga National Park is divided into the four tourism zones- Central Zone, Eastern Zone, Western Zone and Burapahar Zone.

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Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is allowed in all the four zones in Kaziranga and operated in the two shifts- morning shift and afternoon shift.

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Elephant Safari

Elepahnt Safari is allowed only in the two zones of Kaziranga- Central zone and Western Zone in two shifts, both shifts in morning.

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